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Know Your Niche

home care marketing niche questionnaire strategic marketing

Standing out in a crowd: it's the best way to get someone's attention. Many businesses go to great lengths to prove that they can provide a product or service that no one else can. But how do you, as one home care agency in a saturated market, stand out against the rest? By asking yourself the tough questions and figuring out what makes you different. Be Different! Be Successful! Questionnaire to Discern Your Niche can help you organize your thoughts and determine what niche you fit into in the industry. Learn more about or purchase this important questionnaire here.

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Don't Miss the Next corecubed Webinar on October 30th

corecubed facebook facebook marketing social media social media marketing webinar

  Since Halloween is coming up, we thought we'd focus our monthly educational webinar on something that makes many small business owners cringe with fright – Facebook marketing. With all the buzz about social media these days, and with the new Google emphasis on engagement and interaction, are you using Facebook as well as you can to get results? Is learning how to be a better social networker something that you should invest time and money to do? Don't miss our free webinar, Using Facebook for Marketing: Trick or Treat? on October 30th. You'll learn: How to create engaging content...

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Movin' on Up: How Adaptable Are Your Caregivers to an Affluent Lifestyle?

adapting to a lifestyle caregiver training caregivers home care agency training

No two families are the same, and when you work in someone's home, it's important to meet the family's expectations and make them feel as comfortable as possible. When caring for someone in an affluent home, caregivers may face some unique challenges. Our award-winning Adapting to a Family's Lifestyle DVD is the perfect training tool for the agency who works with upscale clientele. This concise video teaches caregivers the importance of: Dressing appropriately for work Knowing how to handle visitors Knowing how to properly set a table And more Private in-home care clients have high standards in manners and etiquette....

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Market Your Business with a DIY Marketing Tool

home care marketing market your business marketing marketing plan strategic marketing website

  By now you know that every business needs a website, but without a strategic marketing plan, your website is just another page among millions on the web. You may have a beautiful website and you may offer the best services in your area, but without a plan in place, no one will ever know. If you're scrambling for a way to market your business, Home Care Agency Marketplace has the solution to help you get organized and come up with a plan. Our Create Your Own Marketing Plan: Tool Package contains our five most essential marketing products for one...

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Home Care Beginners’ Workbook

caregivers home care home care agency checklist home care beginner private duty strategic marketing

With the rise in the elder population, the home health care industry is booming, and many individuals are considering beginning a business in home care or the private duty industry. If you are in the initial stages of your home care agency's plan, consider Home Care Agency Marketplace's Home Care Beginners’ Workbook. From a self assessment test to a full business plan outline, our Home Care Beginners’ Workbook is the next logical step to help you determine if starting a private duty business is right for you. The workbook also includes: Tips on How to Finance Checklist for Starting Up...

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