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Movin' on Up: How Adaptable Are Your Caregivers to an Affluent Lifestyle?

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No two families are the same, and when you work in someone's home, it's important to meet the family's expectations and make them feel as comfortable as possible. When caring for someone in an affluent home, caregivers may face some unique challenges. Our award-winning Adapting to a Family's Lifestyle DVD is the perfect training tool for the agency who works with upscale clientele.

This concise video teaches caregivers the importance of:

  • Dressing appropriately for work
  • Knowing how to handle visitors
  • Knowing how to properly set a table
  • And more

Private in-home care clients have high standards in manners and etiquette. Understanding how to perform daily duties in this unique setting helps the client and his or her family members feel comfortable in their own home. For more information about this DVD or to purchase one for yourself or your agency, click here.

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