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Order the Home Care Pulse Private Duty Benchmarking Report

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We wanted to remind you that you can still pre-order your own custom edition of the 2012 Report at 40% off with our promo code CORE2012, any time before March 31st. Plus, you can now download a preview of the 2012 Report at

The new Personalized Agency Benchmarking Report is the only report in private duty home care that shows you how you measure up to the industry. With the information you submitted when you took the survey, Home Care Pulse will create a custom, confidential report, designed just for you, that compares your agency side-by-side to the latest industry benchmarks in each chart and graph.

If you didn’t participate in the study, you can still take the survey at by following the steps on the home page. Your information won’t be included in the study results, but Home Care Pulse will still be able to use it to create your custom edition.

Your Personalized Agency Benchmarking Report will  contain the full results of the 2012 Private Duty Benchmarking Study with personalized benchmarks, including:

  • Your Profit & Loss vs. Industry
  • Your Referral Growth vs. Industry
  • Your Caregiver Turnover vs. Industry
  • Your Agency vs. Leading Agencies
  • Geographic Comparisons
  • Plus, Articles from Industry Experts!

To preview the sections and content, download the Report Preview now at

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