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The Considerate Caregiver: Adapting to a Family's Lifestyle

The Considerate Caregiver: Adapting to a Family's Lifestyle



Professional caregiving requires more than just a passion for helping others. Many private in-home care clients have high standards in manners and etiquette. A caregiver in this unique setting must learn how to adapt and make a client feel comfortable while also providing the care services needed.  

Being considerate, patient, and accommodating to clients’ lifestyles and preferences are key attributes all in-home caregivers should possess. This 15-minute training video is the newly updated version of our award-winning Adapting to a Family’s Lifestyle video, and it teaches caregivers the soft skills they need to perform their very best in a client’s home.  

A caregiver must know how to:

  • Dress appropriately for work
  • Handle phone calls and visitors
  • Set a table
  • Adhere to the care plan while meeting the client’s personal preferences
  • And more

As part of your overall home care marketing and caregiver recruitment strategy, this training video is a must-have resource for today’s non-medical private duty home care provider. 

Purchase options:

DVD: $125

  • HD DVD (Compatible with HD TVs, computers, and other digital devices)
  • SD DVD (Compatible with non-HD TVs ONLY)

Digital Access:

The digital access option is perfect for agencies with multiple locations or those who wish to make caregiver training even easier. With just the click of a button, caregivers can access our digital video from their home computer, smartphone, or tablet, empowering them to get the training they need whenever it is convenient and wherever they are. 

If you are interested in purchasing Digital Access of this video, please click the button below to make a request for a contract and pricing information for an annual subscription. 

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