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Inquiry Management

Inquiry Management


Erica Horner - Home Care Sales Consultant
What if you could learn from a home care sales consultant with more than 15 years of sales training experience, a proven track record of organic growth in the home care industry, and receive interactive coaching and training, with low time commitment right from your own office? Now you can!
In our Inquiry Management training session, participants will focus on the following objectives:
  • Defining inquiry types
  • Understanding your agency’s services
  • Establishing yourself as an expert in care solutions
  • What works and what does not
  • Sales processes: qualifying, interviewing, presenting, handling objections, closing, internal lead management

IMPORTANT: This course can be modified to suit an individual participant or medium and large groups. When purchasing this course, please select the number of attendees you wish to include in the drop down menu (1 person, 2-4 people, 5-9 people, or 10+ people) and note that there are different price points for each. To purchase a live recording of your class, please select the number of attendees + Live Recording in the drop down menu.

There will be a Q&A session following the training and participants will receive valuable inquiry management tools.

This is a 2-hour class that provides participants with actionable learning and tools that they can put to use right away!

Purchase this home care sales training session to reserve your spot and get an unparalleled level of insight for your home care agency. Happy selling!

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