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The Handbook of Caregiver Employee Policies and Procedures

The Handbook of Caregiver Employee Policies and Procedures


Caregiver Policies and Procedures

In order to be successful, your caregiving employees need to have a general understanding of your working conditions, employee benefits, and personnel policies. This manual is an editable handbook that describes employee responsibilities, outlines the programs your company offers, and answers common FAQs. It is the perfect handbook to give to new hires!

This manual includes:

  • Office Information
  • Company Mission
  • History of Company
  • Job Descriptions/Caregiver Duties
  • Employment Procedures
  • Standard Company Rules
  • Training Requirements
  • Description of Benefits
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Emergency Plans
  • Employee Acknowledgment

NOTE: This product is a module of the Private Duty Business Manual. If you have purchased our Private Duty Business Manual, you will automatically receive this module with your manual. Alternatively, you may purchase this module without purchasing the entire manual.

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